Tinder launches its desktop version – Tinder for PC

Already spending too much time on Tinder? It is not ready to change with Tinder Online: soon, you will be able to swipe, match and see strangers from your mobile AND your computer. We say thank you who? At Tinder, we are great philanthropists. And when it comes to finding love (or just a lovely company of a night), no one should be excluded. After wisely excluding minors, and integrating transgender people into its application, Tinder site turns to the helpless of the smartphone, the orphans of 4G, the prisoners of the open space, in short: those who spend more time on their computer than on their mobile phone. The mobile application launches “Tinder Online”, its web version for desktop. Currently being tested in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Sweden, the new platform will soon be available worldwide.

Reach more people in more places

But it is very good this app, will you tell me, why to double it with a desktop version? Privileged that we are thinking so. Think of the poor students stuck in class, the smartphone wisely stowed in the coat pocket. Think of office workers, gloated by their superior at every glance outside of their computer screen. Think finally of those who have more space available on their phone, or just no 4G. Nobody wants to wait 10 minutes to see a photo and know which side to swiper. To all these worries of everyday life, Tinder answers “no problem”. “Do not let life get in the way of your Tinder game,” the company’s statement said. Even in class, even at work. Review your priorities, your professional future can wait.

Adapted to the web format

Launching a desktop version of Tinder has not been easy: it was necessary to integrate the ancient codes and habits of people who still surf the Web from their computer. “Our DNA is mobile-bound, so we had to learn to build something for a bigger screen,” said Brian Norgard, product manager at Tinder, TechCrunch, which relays the information. “It was a real challenge: when you start as a mobile app, building for the web gives the impression of walking upside down.” In the end, it seems that the web version is even more practical than the application, especially for very, very active users. To swipe right and love the profile, a slight movement of the mouse to the right. Same for the left side. By clicking on the profile, the details of the person appear. When you finally “match” with someone, a button immediately proposes to write to the person. In short, simple as hello. We feel that some very involved users will handle this as leaders. Small advice anyway: do not put Tinder Online in full screen, at the risk of you grilling through the entire auditorium or your chef.

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