Best Dating Apps for Hook Ups

Websites, dating apps and social networks are becoming the number one way to meet love online, according to a survey. For the first time, we’re trying to find out what people really think about dating sites and apps and how they use them.

Meetic is probably one of the oldest, but Tinder en Ligne today carved the lion’s share: non-exhaustive presentation of different sites and dating applications.


A pioneer of dating sites, Meetic was launched in 2002, and its app in 2012. Aperitifs, cooking classes, singing, Meetic, paying for all, is known for its “events” where singles can meet in dedicated places. Belonging to a group listed on the stock exchange, MTCH, Meetic does not want to communicate the figures by country or the number of users. On the distribution of men and women, the site claims to be in “a ratio close to the exact parity”. Continue Reading →

Tinder launches its desktop version – Tinder for PC

Already spending too much time on Tinder? It is not ready to change with Tinder Online: soon, you will be able to swipe, match and see strangers from your mobile AND your computer. We say thank you who? At Tinder, we are great philanthropists. And when it comes to finding love (or just a lovely company of a night), no one should be excluded. After wisely excluding minors, and integrating transgender people into its application, Tinder site turns to the helpless of the smartphone, the orphans of 4G, the prisoners of the open space, in short: those who spend more time on their computer than on their mobile phone. The mobile application launches “Tinder Online”, its web version for desktop. Currently being tested in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Sweden, the new platform will soon be available worldwide.

Reach more people in more places

But it is very good this app, will you tell me, why to double it with a desktop version? Privileged that we are thinking so. Continue Reading →

Best Apps to Flirt with your Smartphone

The best apps to find your soul mate from your smartphone or tablet …

Thanks to the trend of Tinder-type mobile applications to meet the soul-mate near home or at work, no more plans for the coffee machine or nightclub. Here is a selection of 5 solutions to download for free, for romances of a day or forever.

NRJ Mobile

NRJ Mobile application wants to show that dredging and courtesy can get along well. Thanks to geolocation, it becomes possible to meet new people close to home and chat with them, but also to benefit from relevant information and tips nearby. Again, some options are paying.

NRJ is available for download on iOS and Android. Continue Reading →

Top 6 game development environments to create a mobile video games

The development of a mobile game is more complex than that of a classic application. To succeed, you have to be both an excellent programmer and a very good graphic designer. Fortunately, there are specialized development environments in game creation. The question only arises as to which to choose for your project.
The tools of creation of games for the beginners. Continue Reading →

Mobile marketing tools to attract and retain customers

The Importance Mobile Marketing

When we know that the world will soon have 2 billion smartphone users, it is not surprising that brands invest heavily in mobile marketing. But mobile is much more than a gateway to the market. It provides companies with effective and not necessarily costly marketing tools such as geo-location, Bluetooth and push notifications … We have prepared for you a list of mobile marketing tools to help you make the right choice. Continue Reading →

Design Your Mobile App Interface For Multiple Platforms

The design of an application is one of the key factors to retain its users. They make the first impression of a product by basing their judgment on its visual aspects, well before understanding its usefulness. It is therefore important to choose the design for your application.

We have said “choose” because mobile design knows a few trends that it is good to follow in order not to disappoint mobile users. Each operating system has its own specific UI that its users recognize instantly. An “easy to use” app is the one that suits it. Important changes to the UI may prevent users from quickly grasping the operation of the application. And what do we do if after a few minutes we do not understand how to use it? He is abandoned.

Do not go against the habits of mobile users. Adapt the design of your application to the operating system they are using. Today, the most common style in mobile development is flat design, but every operating system has made it to its sauce. Continue Reading →