Design Your Mobile App Interface For Multiple Platforms

The design of an application is one of the key factors to retain its users. They make the first impression of a product by basing their judgment on its visual aspects, well before understanding its usefulness. It is therefore important to choose the design for your application.

We have said “choose” because mobile design knows a few trends that it is good to follow in order not to disappoint mobile users. Each operating system has its own specific UI that its users recognize instantly. An “easy to use” app is the one that suits it. Important changes to the UI may prevent users from quickly grasping the operation of the application. And what do we do if after a few minutes we do not understand how to use it? He is abandoned.

Do not go against the habits of mobile users. Adapt the design of your application to the operating system they are using. Today, the most common style in mobile development is flat design, but every operating system has made it to its sauce. Continue Reading →